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Meet Gillian Faith

Gillian is an experienced coach, HR expert, and mediator; dedicated to driving positive change and growth for individuals, teams and organizations.

What We Do

Executive, leadership and wellbeing coaching; HR and employee relations services and mediation for workplace and healthcare situations.

Have A Question?

Seeking guidance? Connect with us for an expert and insightful coaching consultation, help with your employee relations and performance issues and questions or an overview of how mediation can help.

Unlocking Potential


We provide executive, personal and wellbeing coaching. We can work with you on both work and personal challenges, opportunities, and transitions. Our coaching partnerships result in greater performance, presence and satisfaction; while also addressing concerns such as overwhelm, stress and work-life harmony.

Mindful Mastery

Positive Intelligence

"Your mind is your best friend, but it can also be your worst enemy." Positive Intelligence is a coach-led mental fitness program where you can build powerful habits to create positive change in your life. Regular practices actually result in new neural pathways being built, which are visible on MRI imaging. Clients have reported that this program has been transformational and life-changing.

Strategic Partnerships

HR Consulting

We use a business partner approach to strategic HR and employee relations needs. A popular service is coaching and mentoring young or inexperienced HR staff, just like having a fractional CHRO. Other services include performance management, employee engagement, retention, compliance, workplace investigation and mediation. If you need a service and do not see it listed, please ask as we may be able to help or make a recommendation for a professional who can.

Understanding & Agreement


A trained neutral third party to help you with important issues where disagreement is present. We offer professional mediation services for workplaces and healthcare organizations. We are well versed in employment law and healthcare complexities and terminology. Mediation can take place over Zoom or in person depending on several factors. The goal of mediation is to listen and understand each side and then reach an agreement within a specified time. Mediators are skilled at listening, facilitation, summarizing and negotiation.

Insightful Evaluations


We are authorized to use the PXT Select assessments and the Energy Leadership Index. The PXT Select is a high-quality employee selection and development tool. One assessment produces 13 reports that can be used for selection decisions, coaching, performance development, team building, leadership development, and succession planning. A 360 version is also available. The Energy Leadership Index (ELI) is a research-backed attitudinal assessment that captures how someone perceives and approaches work and life. The awareness and insights gained allows individuals to reshape their worldview and how they view themselves and others. A 360 version of the ELI is also available.

Our Services

What We Do

Revolutionizing HR and leadership through expert consulting,
dynamic coaching, and strategic conflict resolution.

We offer one on one coaching, group coaching and Mental Fitness Coaching using the Positive Intelligence Framework.

Mediation & Conflict Management

Resolve workplace conflicts effectively with our workplace mediation and conflict management approaches.

HR with a focus on Employee Relations

Streamline and enhance your HR operations with our expert People Ops services.


Discover insightful assessments for talent acquisition, leadership development and personal development.

Individual and Team Solutions

Our Packages

Unlock your potential with our coaching programs tailored to foster mental fitness and elevate individual and team performance. Each package is crafted to gain awareness, and guide you through a transformative journey, empowering you with the insights and tools needed for success in both work and life.

Positive Intelligence

Power Up Your Mental Fitness
for Success in Work & Life
  • A 12 week program designed to
    identify your goals, determine what
    is holding you back and activate the
    steps that are necessary to move
    forward and find more satisfaction and
    success in work and life.
  • Includes a saboteur assessment,
    biweekly cohort meeting. 4
    individual 55 minute coaching sessions.


Positive Intelligence for Higher
Performing Teams
  • Choose from 6 or 12 week
    programs for coworkers designed
    to provide the tools for more productive
    relationships, higher performance and
    greater wellbeing.
  • Includes saboteur assessments,
    weekly 30 minute cohort meetings,
    weekly one hour videos and an app
    for daily exercises to build mental muscle.

Individual Coaching for Personal
and Professional Success

Not resonating with a package? Individual coaching sessions where you are in the driver's seat and your coach is your trusted partner.

We offer individual coaching on either a 5 or 9 session basis at an agreed pace.

Owner & Founder

Meet Gillian Faith

Gillian is originally from Glasgow, Scotland and draws from a background in healthcare, human resources management, business ownership and organizational leadership. She has worked in complex healthcare organizations; small privately held firms, and also nonprofit organizations in both the UK and the US. Gillian has a Masters degree in Management and undergraduate education in Organizational Leadership and Occupational Therapy. She has been trained at the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC), and the Center for Executive Coaching. Gillian is certified by the ICF (International Coaches Federation) and is also a Certified Positive Intelligence coach. Additionally, she is SHRM-SCP certified and is a trained mediator. Gillian is a mother of three and is passionate about physical and mental fitness and wellness.

Proud Provider of PXT Select by Wiley

Transforming HR and
Leadership Together.

Navigating the complexities of modern HR challenges requires both expertise and intuition.
Our services blend innovative HR strategies with personalized coaching, fostering a culture of growth and excellence.

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