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Coaching for Individuals & Groups


The International Coaching Federation (ICF) defines coaching as "partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential." Coaching success is achieved through a partnering relationship where the client is in the driver's seat and is always viewed as the expert in his or her life. The focus is on moving the action forward and the client taking ownership of measurable action. Coaching can be used throughout an organization, and is especially effective at the executive and manager levels.

Growth Catalyst

Coaching helps leaders and teams grow and succeed. In a coaching relationship, a coach will provide a safe and confidential space and will use customized techniques to help you reach your goals.

Team Empowerment

Coaching with teams can result in increased awareness of team dynamics, stronger relationships and higher performance and satisfcation.

The Ripple Effect

Leaders As Coaches

The demands on leaders is significant and sometimes overwhelming. Their success often hinges on their ability to bring out the best in others and managers and leaders are often the reason employees stay or leave. Organizations may develop a coaching culture where leaders and managers are taught coaching skills which are then used to improve communication, and influence others. The result is an environment that values the learning, development and empowerment of employees, leading to higher levels of engagement. Engaged employees bring a wealth of advantages to an organization including improved safety, higher stakeholder satisfaction, increased revenues, decreased turnover, and improved wellbeing. According to the Human Capital Institute, organizations with strong coaching cultures are more than twice as likely as their counterparts to be considered high-performing.

Coaching for Healthcare Leaders

Solutions for Clinical Managers & Executive Leaders

Leaders in Healthcare work in complex organizations and face unique challenges. Recruitment and retention challenges are very real and burnout and fatigue is common. Many healthcare professionals respond well to a progressive, goal oriented coaching relationship where the coach serves as a thought-partner and supports career progression, people issues, communication issues, conflict resolution, change management, stress reduction and wellness.

Individual and Team Solutions

Our Packages

Unlock your potential with our coaching programs tailored to foster mental fitness and elevate individual and team performance. Each package is crafted to gain awareness, and guide you through a transformative journey, empowering you with the insights and tools needed for success in both work and life.

Positive Intelligence

Power Up Your Mental Fitness
for Success in Work & Life
  • A 12 week program designed to
    identify your goals, determine what
    is holding you back and activate the
    steps that are necessary to move
    forward and find more satisfaction and
    success in work and life.
  • Includes a saboteur assessment,
    biweekly cohort meeting. 4
    individual 55 minute coaching sessions.


Positive Intelligence for Higher
Performing Teams
  • Choose from 6 or 12 week
    programs for coworkers designed
    to provide the tools for more productive
    relationships, higher performance and
    greater wellbeing.
  • Includes saboteur assessments,
    weekly 30 minute cohort meetings,
    weekly one hour videos and an app
    for daily exercises to build mental muscle.

Individual Coaching for Personal
and Professional Success

Not resonating with a package? Individual coaching sessions where you are in the driver's seat and your coach is your trusted partner.

We offer individual coaching on either a 5 or 9 session basis at an agreed pace.

Inspiring Transformation: Coaching for Personal and Professional Growth

The International Coaching Federation (ICF) defines coaching as "partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential."

Finding Your Best-Fit Coach

Gillian As Your Coach

Gillian is an ICF certified coach, having completed coach training at the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching and the Center for Executive Coaching. She is also a Certified Positive Intelligence Coach. Professionally, Gillian draws from a background in healthcare, human resources management and business leadership. Personally, Gillian brings a passion for wellness, a special interest in stress reduction and mental fitness, and life experiences from being a mother, an expat and an endurance runner following recovery from chronic disease through diet and exercise. Gillian is originally from Scotland and now lives in Colorado.

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